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'Test'ing My Patience - Chapter 2

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Hi, everyone! As promised, I have returned with the next installment of my attempt at the Eight Sim Challenge. Let's skip the formalities and just jump right in, shall we? If you need a recap of what happened last time, I have provided a link to the previous chapter above. I'm going to be doing this for all my challenges and stories in the future, since it'll be very convenient for you guys. Anyway, let's begin the second day of our challenge.

We start off the chapter with a picture of me trying to get everyone freshened up in waves. Marcus and Aaron are taking showers first, while Nigel reads a book for fun. I would've had him watch TV instead, but I don't think he'd like having three sleep-deprived Sims at his throat for rudely waking them up.

Nigel: It's fine. This book is actually pretty interesting.

Aaron: Oh hello, lovely lady readers! Didn't realize you could see me taking a shower *winks*.


I'm not complaining, but what's with my slobs being closet neat freaks? I went to check on Devin after he woke up, only to find him taking out the trash.

Yup, just a normal day at the Test residence. Devin has become one with the wall, Marcus is shooing Nigel out of the bathroom even though there's an empty one on the other side, and Aaron is cursing at the TV for whatever reason.

Aaron: Who opens the front door when they're home alone without checking who it is first?

Don't tell me you guys missed the carpool.

Devin and Peggy: *act like they can't hear me*.

Fine, be that way. Oh look, here comes Nancy with the paper. Let's see what job I can get for you both.

I actually wanted Devin to get this job, so I'm kinda glad he missed work today. I don't see Peggy continuing in this field, but we'll take it for now. We need all the money we can get to keep eight Sims happy in one house.

Peggy then decided to answer the phone, even though I canceled the action repeatedly. We changed jobs already! Why are you calling us?

That's what I'm talking about, guys! Earn that shmoney!

I'm probably going to regret this later, but I decided to build them a pool because they need two body skill points for the next promotion and they brought in a lot of money. I stopped keeping track of the funds, so I'll just mention the final amount at the end of each Sim day.

Sonya: Honestly, Peggy, she could've used that money to improve the house but instead she blows it all off on a pool.

Peggy: I hear ya, Sonya.

I thought it was a good idea at the time! Give me a break!

Devin: Do you mind? I'm trying to take a leak here.

Marcus: A hole-in-one? Wow, this guy's good!

NIGEL, NO! I WAS STARTING TO LIKE YOU! I bet Aaron influenced him. Also, I forgot to take pictures but a few of them used the pool and even gained a body skill point. Nigel was one of them as you can see by his choice of sleepwear.

Catherine: Why are you waking me up now? Do you know what time it is?

Yes, it's carpool time. Go to work! We're broke.

Catherine: No one told you spend all our money on a pool.


Well, isn't this lovely? Aaron missed his carpool. Not to worry, though, I have the perfect punishment for him.

And that's the end of this chapter, folks. I know it's shorter than the last one, but I decided to write each chapter as a Sim day to make it easier for me to keep track of how long I've been playing. I have pictures for Chapters 3 and 4, but they'll be short as well. I'm probably going to combine them into one chapter. I'll try to take more pictures starting from Day 5, however. Our final funds for the day reached §665.

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you enjoyed it. Next chapter will be up tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled. 😉 Also, I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments if you have any.

Until then, dag-dag! 👋
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