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'Test'ing My Patience - Chapter 8

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*peeking from a corner* Anyone still following this challenge? I hope so, because I'm finally back with Chapter 8! I also have some good news: I finished the challenge in-game, and I have all the pictures ready! I just need to put them all into chapters.

Now that I've updated you all on my gaming situation let's jump into the challenge! 😁

It's a full house in the kitchen today!

Aaron: *munching* Nooboostar! Long time no see, dudette.

Sonya: *thinking to herself* He's so cute when he talks with his mouth full.

Gross, Sonya, just gross.


Indeed I can. And it's nice to see you too, Aaron. I missed you all, to be honest. 😚

Heather: Eww, don't say that. I'm not used to this mushy lovey-dovey stuff.

You will be eventually, my dear Heather.

Since we need to get them focused on making friends for their next promotions, I make sure everyone gains all the skill points they need first.

Heather: Knock it off, Aaron!

Aaron: Chillax, Heather, I just wanted to cheer you up.

Devin: Find a happy place, find a happy place, find a happy place.

Carrie the Mail Carrier: *sighs* Why do I always get the loonies?

Woot woot! Good job, Catherine!

Marcus, why?

Marcus: Wasn't me.

Catherine tried that with me already. Come up with something else.

Marcus: *chuckles* Catherine's awesome.

Yes, yes, whatever. Stop fanboying over your future girlfriend, and call the repairman please.

Peggy, now is not the time to clean up the puddles! Let the poor man do his job.

Sonya: Let's steal some writing tips from the newspaper, shall we?

Hey! No stealing!

Sonya: You're not the boss of me.

Actually, I-


Did it break...AGAIN?

Nigel: Don't worry, I'll call the repairman.

Aaron: So, Heather, what's your favorite sport? Mine's soccer!

Heather: Stop talking to me, please.

Oof. That was harsh.

Repairman Bruno: Nooboostar.

Bruno. Honestly, he's shown up so much we're on a first name basis now.

Heather: Don't mind me. I'm just preparing dinner.

Way to be a team player, Heather!

Heather: Oh no, I meant for myself.

Right. Well, anyway, this is the last picture for Day 13. Our final funds reached §8,258.

We begin Day 14 with a picture of a complete re-model of the house. As you can see I've added fences, front and back patios, and plants and trees outside the house. Inside I moved the study down, extended and widened the hallway/living room, moved the kitchen furniture and appliances around, made 2 bedrooms with a personal bathroom, and made one small general bathroom next to the study.

However I may have gone a bit overboard because we only have §57 left, the patios are unfinished, and all the rooms except for the small bathroom and study have wallpaper and flooring. 😅

Later on in the day I had Marcus invite Trip downtown to hopefully gain our first family friend. Also, some familiar faces have decided to leave work and grace us with their presence. *shakes head in disappointment*

I don't know why I find Ms. Crumplebottom chugging her sorrows away hilarious but I do, lol.

When everyone came home I tried to have Aaron call up one of his acquaintances in the hopes of gaining two family friends at once, but as you can see she's much too busy to give him the time of day.

Sonya: I hate balloons. The sound they make when they pop scares me.

Aaron: Really? Don't worry, Sonya, I won't buy ballons for your birthday.

Nigel: *rolls eyes and mutters under his breath* Get a room already.

And that's the end of this chapter, folks. We have finally finished the second week! Man, it seems like only yesterday when I started this challenge. Our final funds for Day 14 reached §1,792. Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know if you have any thoughts or comments down below. 😊

Until then, dag-dag! 👋
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